Creating your reality. Persuading ourselves.

Persuading ourselves that we are happy.

Persuade yourself to greatness.

Creating your own reality.


Sometime ago, I promised a professor, Dr. Carignan, that I would recreate this old slide from his presentation a put it on the web. He taught a capstone to my MBA on learning organizations, and I was intrigue by the premise of the slide. Basically “what you think and even the words you choose to describe your reality shape and either reinforce or diminish the reality you perceive.”  We call this persuading and cognitive bias.

Now, before the hate mail starts this does not negate basic laws of the universe but how we look at them can lead to changes in the way we understand it. { Note: As we look at the world of quantum physics, we have theories that the universe at the quantum level acts in ways that would boggle and even seem like “magic” to most us. } Persuading is a hot topic

Marketers and politicians know that perception creates many realities. The limitations that we place upon ourselves create barriers that may not be truly there.

I had a great example yesterday. My son and I play golf and his next tee shot was over a hazard with a carry of 240 yards. He can clear this distance regularly without a problem. Ninety percent of his drives go farther. That is not within my range. I took the safe layup shot that guarantee the extra stroke on the hole.

He looked at me and said he would do the same. I held him up and asked him how far he drove regularly. He answered 275 yards. I asked him how often he thought he could drive 275 yards in ten attempts. He said about 8 out 10. I asked him, how about 250? He said almost 10 times out of 10 because his three wood goes about 240. At that point, I asked if he would like to reconsider his strategy.

He set up and attacked the flag that was 367 yards away. He drove directly over the hazard about 285 yards for a pitch and tw0-put which gave him his par. I was one over for the hole.

Whether it is fear, bias, prejudice or lack of attention, how we speak, feel and react is something we can control. If choose to exert this control, we can affect the reality we perceive and improve our organizations, teams, families and ourselves. We are creating our own reality.

Originally Published February 29, 2016 on LinkedIn.  Updated 11/25/2017.

Global Warming equals Global Fleecing

When scientists on the government grants are caught rigging the numbers that skew the data to what the governments want to see, then you can ‘t really count on the science as “settled” or even as science.  The issue here is two fold: 1) Is global warming a man made phenomena?  2) Is there anything man can do to prevent it?

Because there has been confirmed and admitted tampering and “adjustments” of past temperature data, decisions made based on that data would be dubious.  Addtionally, the last projections from those same scientists indicate that spending trillions on CO2 reductions and retooling the industrial economic models of the world wouldn’t significantly affect future temperatures.

But, it will make many global orgnaizations richer with a major redirection of resources and industry.  This is a just another way for governments to shuffle money and reach into the pockets of tax payers and consumers for the enrighment of politicians and their cronies.

Follow the money.  Someone is getting rich off of global warming and it isn’t the middle class or lower class.

Consumers will pay more for electricity and food.  Even more importantly, the weak economy will continue to be stressed.

Electing Republicans to the House and Senate yielded no significant difference in results. From 8-6-15.

I am having a lot of trouble with Republican Congressmen whose lack of moxie is allowing for results no different than if the congress and senate were democrat controlled.

They are afraid to use the constitutional powers to stop or slow down Obama. The Republicans have ceded power in effect letting Democrats do what they want.  We might as well have Harry Reid and Pelosi running things because there has been no significant difference.

That’s not what they were elected to do.  Having “show” votes is meaningless if nothing happens.  The Republicans that ran on stopping Obamacare, illegal immigration, lowering taxes have not been able to move the needle.  They attacked Ted Cruz when he tried to do something.

There are apologist that say that the Republicans in the Senate don’t have 60 votes.  Well, the Dems had less than 60 votes and figured out how to ram the most influential piece of legislation in decades down the throats of the American people.

The GOP should know that they are being put on notice.  It might be time for a new party if there is no difference between the two in Washington. Ted Cruz might be right about the Washington Cartel.

There’s seems to be only one party of money and power in Washington.  Right now they think being more progressive might be good for business.  But when the economy tanks and the government runs out of money those same power brokers will lead the charge back to more conservative thinking.

They will be making money at the expense of all Americans especially the poor all along the way.

Update 11-23-17

Today will Trump in the White house the only significant thing achieved is a conservative Supreme Court justice.

How did President Obama fail as a President ? Let me count the ways. From 10-1-2014 updated 11-23-2017

How did President Obama fail as a President ? Let me count the ways.

1) Fast and Furious

2) Stimulus-Shovel ready jobs!

3) IRS targeting conservatives. “not a smidgen of corruption”

4) Failing to call terrorism , Terrorism.

4a) Fort Hood

4b) Boston Marathon

4c) Oklahoma beheading

5) Letting Iraq fall back to chaos.

6) Benghazi- (With Secretary Clinton)Heros died Obama lied!

7) Quantative easing

8) Deficits and debt

9) Solindra

9) Keystone pipelines

10) Coal regulation

11) No strategic energy policy

12) Allowing Russia to invade Ukraine

13) Obamacare-  Savings of $2500? try an increase of $7500 per family.  Although I do know a few upper income people that actually saved money.

14) Influx of undocumented immigrants

15)Bombing Syria without Congressional approval.  Even George Bush got that.  And even Hillary Clinton voted to give him authority.

16)Stealing money from Medicare to pay for Obamacare

17) Unemployment/Under employment/ Employment participation- We recovered faster from the Great Depression than from the depression we avoided.

18) More people on welfare.   No job searching required.

19) Higher percentage of minorities unemployed

20) ISIS ( ISIL, if you want them to have the entire Middle East)

21)Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood)

22) Nuclear Iran Deal

23) The Economy

24) Secret Service

25) Immigration Reform- promised in first term

26) Uranium One – Updated 11-20-2017

Wow, that is quite a legacy.

15 Myths The Media Should Ignore on Obamacare

Written 10-5-2013  Updated 7/4/2017

I took a few minutes to research and comment on “15 Myths The Media Should Ignore During Obamacare Implementation”.

Found at

Some are technically myths and some are not myths. Debunking the propagandized debunking of myths is a little tricky but it was so easy to find facts online that I said, “what the heck.” The Affordable Care Act is very complex by design so we have argument on nuances ad infinitum. I tried to stick to the main points.

Myth #1: Congress Is “Exempt” From The Affordable Care Act

Your analysis is correct. Congress is not exempt however there is an exception.

“Other Americans who get health insurance through their jobs can’t take their employer insurance contributions and apply them directly to new individual plans purchased through the exchanges.-Kate Pickert -…

Read more:…

Myth #2: Premium Prices Will Increase Due To Health Care Law– Sorry, “lower than expected” has nothing to do with the actual numbers. This is not a myth. Premiums went up! You are explaining why it’s okay they went up. This does not change the fact that they went up.

Update 7/4/2017:  While some may argue that rate of increase slowed, the deductibles went up dramatically where you pay thousands prior to coverage on day to day health expenses.  It has become for most americans catastropic health insurance and we use our own HSA dollars to cover everyday medical expenses. Many Americans will not meet the deductible.

Myth #3: The Affordable Care Act Includes Death Panels- The text of the law explicitly states this but we recently had a situation where a young lady needed a lung transplant. Kathleen Sebelius eventually intervene to change the rules over who got a lung transplant. This isn’t a panel but a “Death Czar.”

The IPAB can affect the amount of money paid to doctors for specific treatments and create a rationing effect in that way. The result will be the same, patients will not be able to get the care they need according to their doctors and it will be the government restricting access to that care.

Myth #4: Shutting Down Government Over Obamacare Funding Will Stop Health Care Law

Correct. But it might affect the Democrat’s willingness to pass changes that have so far been resisted.

Myth #5: The Affordable Care Act Is “Socialized Medicine” And A “Government Takeover” Of Health Care

Correct. However, Obama care is the first step towards socialized medicine and a government takeover of health care.

President Obama and Harry Reid are on the record saying that they want to walk this to a single payer system which would definitely be socialized medicine. source is video from Updated 7/4/2017 {: & Video Removed} New video  at

This answers the question is why affect 300 million people’s health care when you are effectively covering an additional 10% of the population. A capitalist approach would probably more effective ways of achieving thiswithout a wholesale one party revamp the America’s health care system. For instance, there could have been a Medicaid expansion, tort reform, allowing insurances to compete across state lines and finally a set tax to fund the Americans that need subsidy. The drive towards socialized medicine is the truly scary part of the affordable care act.

Myth #6: People Will Be Able To Commit Subsidy Fraud On The Exchanges

Wrong! People will always be able to commit fraud. There is not a system that is fool proof.

Myth #7: Obamacare “Narrow Networks” Will Constrain Health Choices-Wrong Agan:  Reports from across the country confirm that people are losing their current coverage, spouses are losing their coverages, and retirees are losing their coverages. People have not be able to keep their healthcare provider. As providers move out of certain regions due the affordable care act, the choices of coverage must become limited by simple math.  Updated 7/4/2017  There are counties in American where is there only one Obamacare choice.

Myth #8: The Affordable Care Act Is Bad For Women- This is subjective. If it’s bad for almost everyone, is it bad for women?

Myth #9: The Affordable Care Act Covers Abortions – Wrong again!“The Office of Personnel Management ruled Monday that members of Congress and their staffs will be able to buy health care plans that pay for abortions, even though the premiums are funded largely by taxpayer money…”

Read more:…

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Myth #10: The Affordable Care Act Is A Job Killer. Correct. The True myth should read a “Full Time Job Killer”

As the Act comes into effect, many employers are reducing hours to less than 30 to avoid penalties. There are also many small businesses reporting that they will not hire over 50 employees to also avoid penalties. Small businesses are the engines of American jobs, it only make sense that anything that affects their hiring would impact all full time hiring.

Updated 7/4/17: We saw a jobless recovery.  What else was killing fulltime jobs if not Obamacare and over regulation?

Myth #11: With Full Access To Medical Records, The IRS Will Discriminate Against Conservatives This remains to be seen. We now know that the IRS illegally targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt status what is to prevent another so-called rogue group to target conservatives. They already target them for audits.

Myth #12: Navigators Will Abuse Private Information-

Navigators will help register more Democrats. Is this abuse of private information?

Myth #13: Obamacare Mandates Doctors To Ask Patients About Sexual History -Don’t care. My doctors already asked about my history as part a good screening.

Myth #14: The ACA’s Medicaid Expansion Will Force Doctors To Turn Away Patients.  See Answers to myth 3 and myth 7.  Updated many doctors quit or stopped taking medicaid.

Myth #15: The ACA Is To Blame For A Projected 30 Million People Who Will Remain Uninsured.  This was passed without a single GOP vote. You should expect them to try to stop the march towards socialized medicine.

Update 7/4/2017 Obamacare is failing and never coverage everyone eventhough if fundamanetally changed the American Health Care landscape.

Conservative Vato Wakes Up! “Coffee” Anyone?

Young Democrat:   
I wasn't always conservative.  I was born into a Hispanic family that lived in a poor neighborhood in the near west side of San Antonio.  I was third generation American citizen and was very insulted when called a "wet back" or illegal immigrant. I attended Sidney Lanier High School which was about 98% Hispanic.   

Like the rest of my family I was raised to believe that Henry B. Gonzales was the patron saint of Hispanics in government. We spoke English because Spanish was frowned upon in public or seen as the language of the poor. I felt proud of Henry Cisneros, our councilman who later became the dynamic mayor of our small city.   I and the other neighborhood kids even played touch football with him on the new football field in newly renovated high school.  San Antonio was growing! 

I was even glad that a peanut farmer from Georgia won the election for president in 1976.  The "evil," republicans had gotten their comeuppance, Rocky and Stars Wars were in movies and  we all were going to hold hands and sing Kum Ba Yah.  I failed to notice the unemployment, the inflation and was too busy "doing the disco" to care.  

Then I began to work.  I was part of a union, AFL-CIO.  I noticed the union dues, sales taxes, the car registration taxes, interest rates and the income tax. Much of my money was going to people other than myself.  But, I had to do my part for society and help the "deserving" poor.   But, I began to stir from a deep sleep.    

In the eighties, I attended college and volunteered for DNC.  I saw the pitiful folks that ran against Reagan in 1984.   I believed and campaigned with all my heart that the Democrats would prevail.  Honestly, I was scared to death during the Reagan years that the crazy old man was playing chicken with the Russians and nuclear weapons were the vehicle of choice.  A biased media fueled fears in a time of the space shuttle disaster and the movie, "The Day After." 

I began to pay attention, I noticed the national debt and waste.  There were $640 toilet seats!
Vote Republican :

I voted for Bush 41 .   It didn't go well.  I was angry at Bush for raising taxes when he promised not to and even Bill Clinton looked more conservative than Bush at that time.    I voted for Clinton in 1992.
 I was coming awake.
 By now I was working in corporate America.  My peers were well read and eloquent. I began to analyze my positions on issues.  Never a wallflower, I argued my points.  However, even when I was able to win the debate, some questions began to gnaw at my beliefs. 
 It was a bit of a shock in the nineties after voting for Bill Clinton that I realized I wanted a smaller national  debt, a balanced budget, smaller government, less taxes and a government that stayed out of private life.  The Berlin Wall had fallen, the Russians had tanked their economy in the arms race and Reagan looked a little less crazy and a lot smarter.

Truth be told, thanks to Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America along with the internet revolution, the 1990s were the last "good old times."

 As I studied more history and filtered my own bias, I realized I was truly a fiscal conservative.  I am also socially conservative because of my Catholic upbringing.   
 I was fully awake, shocked and somehow had become a conservative, Hispanic.  

 I was ...   A Conservative Vato.