15 Myths The Media Should Ignore on Obamacare

Written 10-5-2013  Updated 7/4/2017

I took a few minutes to research and comment on “15 Myths The Media Should Ignore During Obamacare Implementation”.

Found at http://mediamatters.org/research/2013/10/01/15-myths-the-media-should-ignore-during-obamaca/196181

Some are technically myths and some are not myths. Debunking the propagandized debunking of myths is a little tricky but it was so easy to find facts online that I said, “what the heck.” The Affordable Care Act is very complex by design so we have argument on nuances ad infinitum. I tried to stick to the main points.

Myth #1: Congress Is “Exempt” From The Affordable Care Act

Your analysis is correct. Congress is not exempt however there is an exception.

“Other Americans who get health insurance through their jobs can’t take their employer insurance contributions and apply them directly to new individual plans purchased through the exchanges.-Kate Pickert -http://swampland.time.com/2013…

Read more: http://swampland.time.com/2013…

Myth #2: Premium Prices Will Increase Due To Health Care Law– Sorry, “lower than expected” has nothing to do with the actual numbers. This is not a myth. Premiums went up! You are explaining why it’s okay they went up. This does not change the fact that they went up.

Update 7/4/2017:  While some may argue that rate of increase slowed, the deductibles went up dramatically where you pay thousands prior to coverage on day to day health expenses.  It has become for most americans catastropic health insurance and we use our own HSA dollars to cover everyday medical expenses. Many Americans will not meet the deductible.

Myth #3: The Affordable Care Act Includes Death Panels- The text of the law explicitly states this but we recently had a situation where a young lady needed a lung transplant. Kathleen Sebelius eventually intervene to change the rules over who got a lung transplant. This isn’t a panel but a “Death Czar.”

The IPAB can affect the amount of money paid to doctors for specific treatments and create a rationing effect in that way. The result will be the same, patients will not be able to get the care they need according to their doctors and it will be the government restricting access to that care.

Myth #4: Shutting Down Government Over Obamacare Funding Will Stop Health Care Law

Correct. But it might affect the Democrat’s willingness to pass changes that have so far been resisted.

Myth #5: The Affordable Care Act Is “Socialized Medicine” And A “Government Takeover” Of Health Care

Correct. However, Obama care is the first step towards socialized medicine and a government takeover of health care.

President Obama and Harry Reid are on the record saying that they want to walk this to a single payer system which would definitely be socialized medicine. source is video from Updated 7/4/2017 {: http://youtu.be/926bPZiQhgY & http://youtu.be/SXgSKwYMnWo. Video Removed} New video  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=926bPZiQhgY

This answers the question is why affect 300 million people’s health care when you are effectively covering an additional 10% of the population. A capitalist approach would probably more effective ways of achieving thiswithout a wholesale one party revamp the America’s health care system. For instance, there could have been a Medicaid expansion, tort reform, allowing insurances to compete across state lines and finally a set tax to fund the Americans that need subsidy. The drive towards socialized medicine is the truly scary part of the affordable care act.

Myth #6: People Will Be Able To Commit Subsidy Fraud On The Exchanges

Wrong! People will always be able to commit fraud. There is not a system that is fool proof.

Myth #7: Obamacare “Narrow Networks” Will Constrain Health Choices-Wrong Agan:  Reports from across the country confirm that people are losing their current coverage, spouses are losing their coverages, and retirees are losing their coverages. People have not be able to keep their healthcare provider. As providers move out of certain regions due the affordable care act, the choices of coverage must become limited by simple math.  Updated 7/4/2017  There are counties in American where is there only one Obamacare choice.

Myth #8: The Affordable Care Act Is Bad For Women- This is subjective. If it’s bad for almost everyone, is it bad for women?

Myth #9: The Affordable Care Act Covers Abortions – Wrong again!“The Office of Personnel Management ruled Monday that members of Congress and their staffs will be able to buy health care plans that pay for abortions, even though the premiums are funded largely by taxpayer money…”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com…

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Myth #10: The Affordable Care Act Is A Job Killer. Correct. The True myth should read a “Full Time Job Killer”

As the Act comes into effect, many employers are reducing hours to less than 30 to avoid penalties. There are also many small businesses reporting that they will not hire over 50 employees to also avoid penalties. Small businesses are the engines of American jobs, it only make sense that anything that affects their hiring would impact all full time hiring.

Updated 7/4/17: We saw a jobless recovery.  What else was killing fulltime jobs if not Obamacare and over regulation?

Myth #11: With Full Access To Medical Records, The IRS Will Discriminate Against Conservatives This remains to be seen. We now know that the IRS illegally targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt status what is to prevent another so-called rogue group to target conservatives. They already target them for audits.

Myth #12: Navigators Will Abuse Private Information-

Navigators will help register more Democrats. Is this abuse of private information?

Myth #13: Obamacare Mandates Doctors To Ask Patients About Sexual History -Don’t care. My doctors already asked about my history as part a good screening.

Myth #14: The ACA’s Medicaid Expansion Will Force Doctors To Turn Away Patients.  See Answers to myth 3 and myth 7.  Updated many doctors quit or stopped taking medicaid.


Myth #15: The ACA Is To Blame For A Projected 30 Million People Who Will Remain Uninsured.  This was passed without a single GOP vote. You should expect them to try to stop the march towards socialized medicine.

Update 7/4/2017 Obamacare is failing and never coverage everyone eventhough if fundamanetally changed the American Health Care landscape.