The OLD “New Green Deal” again.

Progressives are once again trying to buy the population with freebies for everyone with no regard for expense both economic and human. These ideas are not new. They are rethreaded old progressive ideas using the hot topics of the day to destroy America in the outlandish hope that they can create a county better than our forefathers. Instead of country where individuals have inalienable rights, they will create a country where the rights and maybe even rights to live are doled out by the politic.

This brings to mind an article in the New American, 10-6-2000: “A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” If we foolishly follow folks who have no interest in preserving the Republic, it will fail. But, the insidious part of the grand scheme is that they have ideas that sound good on the surface mixed in the suicidal scheme. Before we throw out the entire constitution, let’s see if we can logically arrive at the “utopian” state that the so called “New Green Deal” promises.

I was looking for a website synopsis the “new green deal” it appears the deal is already a bust. The links to the “deal” were removed from the sponsoring representative’s site after massive ridicule. However the “deal” is not dead. I’m sure after they get a grown up to write it using marketing language, it will rear it’s empty head yet again.

However, I did find a summary at and a full version of the proposed legislation at For brevity, let’s go with summary.

It includes seven goals previously introduced by Ocasio-Cortez:

  1. Shift 100 percent of national power generation to renewable sources. Now on the face, this sounds like a good idea. Who doesn’t want clean renewable energy? However, how do you get from 2% wind and solar energy to 100% without a full government takeover of the industry? Over the past few years solar and wind prices have dropped dramatically where they are poised to be competitive in the energy markets. The capitalist markets are working as they should, moving as if being driven by an invisible hand. I predict that in 50 years or less all energy be renewable. The market will drive it along with a standard of living that will allow for the costs. It will include solar, wind, biofuels, fossil fuels and hopefully a new technology yet to be discovered. And, we won’t have to give up our freedom and hyper efficient self driving cars, trucks and SUVs to do it.
  2. Build a national energy-efficient “smart” grid. This is the only good idea of the bunch except they would want to nationalize the utility companies. An upgrade on the national grid is overdue and should be a priority. It should be a robust grid able to take solar flares and EMPs. However, it should be paid for by the utility companies. National standards based on efficiency, quality, costs and science not on politics should determine how this is implemented.
  3. Upgrade all buildings to become energy efficient. This is absolute stupidity from a cost stand point. It would mean that the government would have own every single building in order to force them to be efficient. Not all buildings especially the historic buildings will be able to be efficient. The politics will determine the definition of acceptable efficiency. If carbon dioxide emissions are not taken into consideration I could come up with a very energy efficient from a cost stand point solution. I anticipate that would not go over well. Again, this is an attempt to take property and freedom from citizens.
  4. Decarbonize manufacturing and agricultural industries. Again, the cost of this would be tremendous if doing it wasn’t technologically impossible. Technically any manufacturing that has human and animals will have carbon emissions. Most heat processes to make metals and plastics create emissions. It would kill our steel and petroleum industries. Yes, the very materials used to make solar cells and wind mills will create carbon emissions when manufactured. So we couldn’t even make those.
  5. Decarbonize, repair, and upgrade the nation’s infrastructure, especially transportation. This would kill the airline, auto and trucking industry. It would also kill the overnight shipping industry as well. So think of every airline, rental car company, airplane maker, airplane part supplier, missile manufacturer, tank manufacturer, ship manufacturer, part supplier, electronics maker, wire maker, Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS, Amazon, Walmart and other industries going under. This is the most dangerous of the “deal” suggestions. This would gut the American economy and industry driving our government as well as many citizens to bankruptcy due to lack of revenue. And, if the US somehow survived this, we would be so weak as a country militarily that current Mexico maybe even Cuba could conquer the United States.
  6. Fund massive investment in the drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases. The amount of money needed is staggering. We would be better off buying the Amazon rainforest and making it off limits to deforesting. Again, after items 3, 4 and 5, there won’t be any money to do it.
  7. Adopting these goals would make “green” technology, industry, expertise, products, and services a major U.S. export. As a result, America could become the international leader in helping other countries transition to completely carbon-neutral economies.
    Realizing the goals would be suicidal to the US. Again, see 3,4 and 5. The US just became a net exporter of energy. The energy is in the form of fossil fuels. Best case, America would be conquered and taken over. This would be followed by the folks who conquered America using our fossil fuel resources. They probably wouldn’t be as careful as we are currently.

This is another attempt at a power grab by the progressives. First they tried to used universal healthcare as a vehicle to control everyone’s lives. Now, the try to use energy to control everyone’s lives. They don’t trust the people to do the right thing. But they trust government that is inept at almost everything except taking our money to do it? Capitalism has been the greatest force for raising the standard of living of people in history. Socialism has not worked to date. It is a shame that we must breakdown and argue against these infantile suggestions because our broken politically correct education system has possibly left a generation willing idiots.

A final warning, the type of thinking of the “New Green Deal” leads to one conclusion, “There’s too many humans.” Who will decide who lives and who dies. They have already started trying to increase the abortion rate, through late term abortion, to where almost 1 in 5 of every pregnancy ends to abortion in the US on average. Our Declaration of Independence states that God grants us the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If we should we give up our liberty in the pursuit of comfort, due to apathy or even worse, a laziness that thinks government can do it all for the people, then Americans may have no Life and therefore lose the ability to Pursue Happiness.