It’s an Invasion not a Caravan!

When we hear the word “caravan,” we think of a group of folks on a joint trip like a pilgrimage. It brings images of the carnival or circus coming to town . Invasion is more like it.

The hordes invading through Mexico are anything but cuddly. Although some are desperate families they include others that are not so well meaning. All will break the immigration laws of the US as they force/sneak their way across the southern border. In other words, it’s an invasion.

There are legal mechanisms to apply for asylum. These folks just choose to ignore them. Some take advantage of the desperate folks by trafficking drugs, humans, and molesting women and children. This is nothing short of an invasion by the small but evil, deadly percentage of criminals along with the horde. For that reason, This Conservative Vato says

“BUILD THE WALL” and call the horde what it is an ” INVASION.”