Global Warming equals Global Fleecing

When scientists on the government grants are caught rigging the numbers that skew the data to what the governments want to see, then you can ‘t really count on the science as “settled” or even as science.  The issue here is two fold: 1) Is global warming a man made phenomena?  2) Is there anything man can do to prevent it?

Because there has been confirmed and admitted tampering and “adjustments” of past temperature data, decisions made based on that data would be dubious.  Addtionally, the last projections from those same scientists indicate that spending trillions on CO2 reductions and retooling the industrial economic models of the world wouldn’t significantly affect future temperatures.

But, it will make many global orgnaizations richer with a major redirection of resources and industry.  This is a just another way for governments to shuffle money and reach into the pockets of tax payers and consumers for the enrighment of politicians and their cronies.

Follow the money.  Someone is getting rich off of global warming and it isn’t the middle class or lower class.

Consumers will pay more for electricity and food.  Even more importantly, the weak economy will continue to be stressed.

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