How did President Obama fail as a President ? Let me count the ways. From 10-1-2014 updated 11-23-2017

How did President Obama fail as a President ? Let me count the ways.

1) Fast and Furious

2) Stimulus-Shovel ready jobs!

3) IRS targeting conservatives. “not a smidgen of corruption”

4) Failing to call terrorism , Terrorism.

4a) Fort Hood

4b) Boston Marathon

4c) Oklahoma beheading

5) Letting Iraq fall back to chaos.

6) Benghazi- (With Secretary Clinton)Heros died Obama lied!

7) Quantative easing

8) Deficits and debt

9) Solindra

9) Keystone pipelines

10) Coal regulation

11) No strategic energy policy

12) Allowing Russia to invade Ukraine

13) Obamacare-  Savings of $2500? try an increase of $7500 per family.  Although I do know a few upper income people that actually saved money.

14) Influx of undocumented immigrants

15)Bombing Syria without Congressional approval.  Even George Bush got that.  And even Hillary Clinton voted to give him authority.

16)Stealing money from Medicare to pay for Obamacare

17) Unemployment/Under employment/ Employment participation- We recovered faster from the Great Depression than from the depression we avoided.

18) More people on welfare.   No job searching required.

19) Higher percentage of minorities unemployed

20) ISIS ( ISIL, if you want them to have the entire Middle East)

21)Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood)

22) Nuclear Iran Deal

23) The Economy

24) Secret Service

25) Immigration Reform- promised in first term

26) Uranium One – Updated 11-20-2017

Wow, that is quite a legacy.

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